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Patty Richards MA E-RYT 200 YACEP

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I didn't think yoga was for me until I tried Patty's class.  Thank you Patty for helping me love the practice of yoga.  Ocatavia
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Yoga Instructor

Certified and insured yoga instructor will provide individual or group instruction in your  place of business in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Individual or semi-private classes in my micro studio in Arlington TX



       I moved to Texas from Connecticut to  be with my new

husband in 2015. After 30 years of working in social services, and

6 years of teaching yoga part-time,  I am excited to devote my energy to teaching yoga here in Texas.

                I started practicing yoga​ in 1995.  I was attracted to yoga because of      my dance background and was looking to increase my flexibility and improve my posture. Practicing yoga helped me meet those goals and so much more.  Yoga has helped me get in touch with my body, have a greater awareness of my actions and reactions, and  grow spiritually.

                My love of yoga motivated me to become an instructor so I completed my 200 hour vinyasa instructor training with Rolf Gates in 2009.  My dream was to bring yoga to people who may not think it is for them.  I love adapting the practice to meet the needs of my students.  One of the beautiful aspects of yoga is the variety of poses (asanas), allows the practitioner to practice at his/her own pace and level.  I encourage students to listen to and honor the feedback their body gives them.  I believe in fitting the practice to the practitioner.  I continue my education to meet this goal.  I have completed teacher trainings in Yin Yoga, Chair and Adaptive yoga, children's yoga, and yoga for the differently abled.

            My background is in Social Services.  I have a Bachelor's of Science in Special Ed and a Master's of Art in Education.  I spent 30 years working in residential services for adults with developmental disabilities(DD) including children and adults on the Autism Spectrum (AS).  Since June 2009 I have also been teaching yoga to adults including those with DD/AS.  I am registered with Yoga Alliance and I am insured.

        I am grateful to all the teachers who have helped me on my path.  Particularly to Melisssa Schnirring, Rolf Gates, Kirsten Collins, and Nancy Melino.

What people are saying
Patty's teaching style and philospy of life blend into one simple word ....PEACE.  She has taught me that my body is a temple to respect and to listen  and pay attention to what it is telling me.  I have learned to clear my mind of useless thoughts, to slow down and most importantly of all to be still and in the moment.

Patty has a wonderful way of teachinging, very knowledgeable and kind.  I always come out of her class feeling more opened and renewed.  I like the way she paces the class, not too slow or fast always in tune with the students abilities.  My strength and flexibility has greatly increased since I started taking her class.


As a "mature" woman with many physical problems, I went to class hurting and left ready to start my day with a peaceful heart.


Patty has been instructing my disabled daughter Rebecca for the last two years.  Patty has done a remarkable job in adapting the postures and principles of yoga to enable Rebecca to move her body to decrease her tone and maximize her flexibility and balance.  Patty's patient and gentle manner, gave Rebecca confidence that her body could overecome its physical limitations.  Patty provided an atmosphere of calmness that help Rebecca face her daily challenges.


I love yoga with Patty


I have very much enjoyed Patty's yoga class.  I feel stronger, more flexible, I have better posture, a stronger core, and have more energy, all because of Patty.


For several years, I have attended Patty's yoga class.  She challenged and encouraged me to progress in yoga technique physically, I gained new knowledge and acceptance of my body and myself.  More importantly she inspired me to better my mind and spirit on the mat.


Patty's vinyasa classes left me feeling elevated  and more healthy and fit.  Her careful attention to students' is noteworthy, always trying to find the right pose for those who need to go lighter or heavier.


Patty Richards E-RYT 200

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